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Winter 2008 (June - September)
As anticipated, precipitations were strongest in the winter months, though lower than normal (221 mm compared with the average 440mm).
Nevertheless, surface water levels were restored, creating an optimum water balance for the plants during the start of the vegetative cycle.

Spring 2008 (October - December)
Temperature and climatic conditions were quite irregular this Spring, i.e. a significant number of cloudy days with high relative humidity, together with sunny days and strong winds. These conditions, generally adverse to the setting or fertilization of the grape bunch, were overcome by the grape’s great adaptability to this special climate.
Grape setting was good, with well shaped bunches, free from millerandage. Budding began ten days earlier in all grape varieties
Budding on-set:
Pinot noir: August 27
Sauvignon blanc: September 17
Chardonnay: September 8
Syrah: September 26

Summer 2009 (January - March)
Summer was hotter and dryer than normal in Leyda, reaching a high of 30ºC in January. Then, instead of falling, temperatures remained stable throughout February and March, with many sunny days and low humidity. The consequent high rate of photosynthetic activity affected the plant, favoring the transport of sap and making the bunches heavier. These conditions also favored skin maturity in all varieties, making it quite aromatic. On the other hand, acidity levels dropped slightly compared to prior years, affecting mainly red varieties yet to be harvested.

Autumn 2009 (April - June)
Temperatures remained higher than usual and conditions were generally dry. This allowed us to achieve optimum grape maturity before harvesting. Conditions also favored healthy grapes, despite two rains that totaled 7 mm.
Harvest began:
Pinot noir: May 20
Sauvignon blanc: March 17
Chardonnay: April 20
Syrah: May 16

The 2009 Amayna wines emerge as noble and elegant, with a strong character and noteworthy fruit potential. Fresh and rip aromatic notes simultaneously come to life. On the palate, complex, thanks to mineral notes and concentration, with a long and fine finish. Together with these aromas and smooth tannins, our wines hold all the characteristics of an excellent 2009 harvest and a magnificent valley.

Coloring (on-set))
CH 08/09/08 (0) 21/11/08 (73) 02/12/08 (11) 23/01/09 (51) 20/04/09 (117)
SB 17/09/08 (0) 22/11/08 (65) 12/12/08 (20) 02/02/09 (50) 17/03/09 (45)
PN 27/08/08 (0) 13/11/08 (76) 05/12/08 (22) 09/01/09 (34) 20/03/09 (71)
SY 26/09/08 (0) 07/11/08 (41) 13/11/08 (6) 04/02/09 (51) 16/05/09 (102)

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