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2010 Winter
With rains usually concentrated during this season and the beginning of spring, the 2009 rainfall (335.5mm) was slightly lower than average (440mm) for this part of the country.

May 15,0 mm
June 143,5 mm
July 29,0 mm
August 102,0 mm
September 46,0 mm
  335,5 mm

Winter temperatures fluctuated between an average high of 20ºC and an average low of 6ºC.

2010 Spring
Low temperatures generated slow growth. Blooming began some 7 to 10 days later than usual and affected all varieties.

Frost, unusual along costal areas, hit during the month of November but did not damage Amayna vineyards, which are located on high grounds. Flowering and setting were normal, with an optimum formation of grape bunches and no millerandage.

2010 Summer
Very fresh, sunny and dry. Maximum temperatures reaching 29ºC were recorded in January.

Grapes matured slowly under the best phytosanitary conditions thanks to the fresh climate and adequate canopy management. Vigor was controlled:
a. Naturally: High yields during the 2009 harvest gave way to lower yields the following year.
b. By drastically reducing irrigation.

2010 Autum
Harvest was delayed three weeks this year and began in April.

Sauvignon Blanc was harvested in May, with fine, elegant, tropical and mature aromas. The grape conserved desirable levels of acidity.

Weather conditions have been optimum, with neither rain nor frost.

In brief, while similar to our 2008 harvest, the favorable autumn weather has allowed our 2010 grapes to reach the right maturity without haste. In fact, we harvested Syrah in June, in perfect conditions, with healthy, aromatic bunches; optimum acidity, and intensely concentrated flavors.